Getting #OORR, or Out Of the Rat Race, means different things to different people. We at OORR are here to help you get #OORR in some classy, clean designs, with a sweet, clear conscience.

For me #OORR is about the freedom of a road with no traffic, a silky-smooth riding surface and no deadline to return home.

But it's not all about me - we want to help get as many people #OORR as possible. The good people at Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy, based in a marginalised community outside of Cape Town, are attempting to drag a generation of kids and young adults #OORR. They say they are 'growing champions on and off the bike', by teaching them basic life skills on top of training them to be athletes. Not only does it give them an activity to look forward to after school, but it keeps them healthy, happy, inspired and fosters hope for a better future. They can look to role models, like Zanele Tshoko for that inspiration.

We've been working on a small project to do our bit - and hope that we can help more in the future. Recently, 30 OORR jerseys came off the press with fresh Velokhaya Logos - now we just have to get them from Australia to Cape Town. Normally this would be an easy task, but considering the nature of the gift, the jerseys could easily go missing once they hit South African shores.

Thankfully, I have been able to leverage my network of airline pilots to make sure they get there. The jerseys will be carried by two good friends - the first from Sydney to Dubai and the second from Dubai to Cape Town, where they will be directly handed to a representative of Velokhaya. This is all due to take place before the end of November! We're excited to help and can't wait to see the athletes - they will look OORRsome.


We'd love to hear what getting #OORR means to you - get in touch on Facebook at and let us know!