"Bi-fold Wallet Recycled Upcycled Bike Tube Made in USA"

Ok - so this is one of the coolest products on the market anywhere. Please note; I am not being paid for this review, or associated with Green Guru Gear in any way.

Firstly, as the name suggests, its green credentials are pretty unbeatable. Green Guru gather their materials from collection centres located around the USA, and also receive materials directly from shops and manufacturers. Used inner-tubes, vinyl and climbing rope is collected and recycled or up-cycled (not physically changed, but re-purposed) for use in their products.

This wallet is made with used inner tubes for the outer and light weight nylon for the inner. Pretty cool. In a perfect world, the nylon would be recycled too, but we can't have everything, can we? What's REALLY cool is that the wallet looks almost like leather, but is way better for the planet (not to mention the cows! 'Thankmoooo') and ultimately far more durable. 

Being rubber, it is smooth, so slides easily into the back pocket, and is very easy to grab. Think balloons people - how easy is it to hold a balloon? - even with wet hands!

Bi-fold Wallet Recycled Upcycled Bike Tube

Funky green stitching gives the wallet a more edgy, industrial look - beefing up its man creds. There you go - beef without the cow!

I have owned the wallet now for over 2 months. When I first did the transfer - always an hour-long process as I find forgotten cheques and dog-eared business cards - I found the credit card slots a little too snug. It was an effort to squeeze the cards in, which lead to comedic digital antics at the checkout. It didn't take too long for the slots to stretch though, so those episodes are now a thing of the past.

Bi-fold Wallet Recycled Upcycled Bike Tube inside

As you can see, there is plenty of space for all of your cards in there. What I also love about the space (because I do a lot of travelling, I'm constantly changing currencies) is that some of the fatter notes used to stick out the top of my former wallet - not so here! It is not over-sized however, still fitting easily in the back pocket of my jeans and business slacks.

Finally, Green Guru Gear boast the wallet weighs merely 57g - so here we have a light-weight, tough-looking, ridiculously durable, up-cycled wallet. The only notable exception is the lack of a zip for your coins - but real men carry coins separately in their pocket anyway!

My OORRpinion: For anyone out there looking for a wallet - look no further. I highly commend this wallet and unreservedly recommend it to you.

Available online at all4cycling.com.au in Australia, or greengurugear.com

  • Feb 19, 2015
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