Out in Issue #27 of magazine. March 2015.

OORR OORRiginal Recycled Cycling Jersey

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by Brian Wacik

Just – and I mean JUST NOW – received my first jersey and arm warmers from you (more in an email to follow up shortly), and man, am I thrilled! Tim said to go up a size (I’m a medium) and he nailed it. Since I’m in the US, I wanted to get it right on the first go, but he assured me that if it didn’t fit right, they’d take care of all return shipping and get me the size that fit.

Found you on purpose, but it wasn’t easy, as I had grown tired of all the standard offerings from the big players who want me to be a moving billboard for them. I’m proud to wear my OORRiginal first ever jersey from you guys, so now if the temps would just warm up, I’ll be anxious to do so. I lead dozens of racers in rides throughout the season, and you can be sure I’ll be telling them about you….can’t wait to see the next OORRfferings!