Today an agreement was signed between OORR and The Eden Projects, committing to plant 5 trees for every garment sold, and backdated to include every garment sold to Kickstarter backers, with an initial planting straight up of 2500 trees.

The objective of the agreement is to:

  • Restore native forests
  • Provide food for villagers, shelter for wildlife, shade, medicines, soil regeneration, and climate regulation through a village-wide tree planting program
  • Lift people out of extreme poverty.

Such exciting news for OORR, and delivering serious environmental value to OORR customers consumer dollars. This agreement is in perfect alignment with a core goal of OORR as a business - what we like to call 'Retail therapy for the planet'.

You can find more information about Eden projects here

Here is a saaweeeeeet Before/After image of what they are achieving currently with mangrove planting in Madagascar.