Dec 13, 2014

#OORR in Chile

Pumped, full of caffeine and running on around 3hrs sleep from the last 24hrs, I packed my bags, ready for...
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Nov 28, 2014


Today I was really excited and happy because my friends at Velokhaya received their OORR kit. I've been trying all...
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Nov 09, 2014

How do you get #OORR ?

Getting #OORR, or Out Of the Rat Race, means different things to different people. We at OORR are here to...
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Oct 22, 2014

Jerseys have arrived!

Today marks the first day that OORR can actively start distributing our OORRsome #recycled #cycling jerseys and sleeves - just...
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Oct 01, 2014

Production Finalised

Production is now finished for the OORRiginal jerseys and sleeves. I'm excited to be able to ship products out as early as...
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Sep 08, 2014


Hey guys - Very soon I will be doing everything I can to get the word out about this great...
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Jul 28, 2014

Production begins

Sooo its been a long process, which began in January 2013 - and finally we have begun production of the...
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