Custom kit - Below is an outline of the process, but you are welcome to suggest alternative options should you wish to do things differently. The benefit of working with a small, more agile business!
Essentially, we can work together however you wish, and your order quantity can be as low as 1 item. Price per garment will vary according to quantity. 
For design, there are a few options:
  1. OORR can provide you with design templates for you to create your own design. The templates will then be processed and checked - some minor alterations may or may not need to be made before printing. 
  2. OORR can provide you with design templates for you to hand-sketch your design concept onto. Scan and send, along with any digital assets, like company logos etc. We will translate that to the digital templates.
  3. You provide OORR with a design brief - tell us roughly what you want - and we create two concepts for you to appraise. We then refine your preferred design. Unlimited refinements until you're happy.
Options 1 and 2 require $300 deposits, which are subtracted from your final order balance. Option 3 premium design service will cost $600, with $100 subtracted from final order value. To assist with colour selection, OORR can send you a swatch of fabric with the full rainbow of colours on it - sometimes helps to see them printed rather than on a screen. This may not be necessary if you're working with corporate branding and already know the required pantones etc. but is available as an option at no cost.
  1. Bulk order; When you're happy with your design, we lock it in, and require a 50% deposit to get started with production. Delivery is 6 weeks from receipt of the deposit. 
  2. Individual order; we can create a unique (private link) order page on the OORR website for members to 'pre-order' their kit, with a deadline counter. Members can make their own size selections, and pay OORR directly.
Shipping options:
  1. Bulk shipment to one address for your distribution. (cheapest option) 
  2. OORR distributes directly to each individual. Can be added at checkout if Option 2 under 'Orders' above is selected, or simply added to the final order value as $10 per shipment.
OORR will provide a formal quote when we have more details from you regarding the above. Jerseys start at $150 and bibshorts at $200 for more than 10 (same gender and design). Prices decrease at quantity trigger points of 20 and 50. Quantities less than 10 will have to be calculated on a case-by-case basis. $5 discounts/garment are offered if your design features the traditional placement of OORR branding.
To get started, all you need to do is email info at - look forward to working with you :D