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How do you fancy spreading the good word of OORR, and earning some extra cash while you do it?

Here at OORR, we like to give back. To the planet, to the people who make our products, and to you - our customers.

To help us spread the OORR word (and to say thanks for doing so) if you register as part of the OORR community and share your personalised link to your friends, you'll earn back 10% of every purchase they make.

Just sign up below, and start sharing - on Facebook, in the coffeehouse, wherever. Just make sure they use your personalised link you receive after sign up!

So, what is Refersion?

Refersion is an affiliate marketing piece of software we're working with, which provides custom links and a dashboard where you can find your custom link, and monitor your earnings!

How does it work?

It's essentially taking word of mouth marketing, digital. If you've bought an OORR product and love it, you can now recommend us to your friends and make a little money back for your trouble.

It's perfect if you're active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other Social channel, and is also great if you're a member of cycling or fitness community groups and newsletters.

All you do is sign up - you'll then get given a special link which you would post on Facebook, or add into an email and if anyone clicks through on that link and buys something from us in < 30 days, you'll earn 10% of what they spent! Simples.


How do I get my money? Does it cost me anything?

We make monthly pay outs to our affiliate community, and you can keep track of your payments (both past and future) through the Refersion dashboard. And no - it doesn't cost you a cent. All you need to do, is tell everyone you know about this awesome little cycling brand you know...

That's it - no catches.



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