OORR Performance Wear for the Planet

Performance Wear for the Planet

Demanding performance from your apparel shouldn't cost the earth - and we're not talking dollars here. OORR is proof that using recycled products does not mean you must sacrifice performance, comfort or style.

We exist to make a positive difference to the planet through performance wear. 

  • We manufacture the world’s most eco-friendly performance apparel using used coffee grounds and recycled materials.
  • We donate 50% of our profit to environmental causes and make a real impact on helping children in poverty
  • We plant 5 trees for every garment we sell
OORR Performance Wear

We create the world's best performing apparel using recycled and sustainable methods.

We challenge consumer perception of recycled materials, and changing purchasing habits, effecting a shift in the broader market towards production that is good for the planet.

By contributing part of our profit to aid social and environmental causes and creating real, tangible impact.

OORR Performance Wear

3 principles for the planet

  1. By producing recycled products. One example – in our recycled Polyester, by Unifi, there are 3 steps to manufacturing the yarn from post-consumer PET bottles. To make virgin polyester, you have to start by mining the oil – and it takes 9 steps. Recycling reduces landfill, ocean pollution, energy use and chemical waste.
  2. Carbon neutral shipping. All of the OORR products are shipped within Australia using our carbon neutral shipping partner, Sendle. Trackable, more convenient, easier, and cheaper than Aus post. 
  3. Planting trees. OORR commits to planting 5 trees for every garment we sell. This acts to combat deforestation, and the resulting forest enables more carbon to be removed from the atmosphere and stored – plus it provides employment for local communities, and restores habitat and biodiversity.
OORR Performance Wear

We're only getting started

So far, we have saved the equivalent amount of carbon emissions produced by a car driving Syd to PER and back again – and that’s only including our fabric production, and we’re only just getting started.

  • 10,000 trees planted through Eden projects
  • 540kg carbon emissions saved* – via use of recycled materials in fabric – equivalent to emissions from driving over 11,475km
  • Carbon Neutral shipping via Sendle
  • Saved Xkw of energy - that's how much an average home uses in one year
  • Diverted 540kg of harmful landfill
  • 260m2 rainforest rescued via Rainforest rescue

*Carbon calculations: 5500m of polyester @135gsm and 1000m Nylon @250gsm (both 1.55m wide) = 1350kg. Roughly 40% recycled content (30% for poly and 75% for nylon). 540kg. 1Kg saves energy and emissions equivalent of 1.7L petrol (reprieve figures). Assume approx 8L/100km fuel consumption.

We uphold the highest global standards

As a certified B Corp, we are the change we want to see in the world. B Corp certification is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee.

All fabric manufacturing is guaranteed to meet the highest environmental standards.

Every garment in the current range consists of between 30%-75% recycled materials, with the look and feel of virgin fibres.





Appealing to my inner greeny (and want for my children to inherit a better, cleaner earth), I decided to search for some eco fabrics suitable for use in cycling. I soon learned that no one was doing recycled fabric jerseys off the rack - a fact I could hardly believe (just try to find them anywhere else!) Additionally, the fabric that was available was uncomfortable, and didn't look great either. Bringing technical knowledge of cooling and aerodynamics from my background as an airline pilot, coupled with great attention to detail, I am turning my ideas into reality for the benefit of us all.

- Tim Christian, Founder, OORR

We're a member of the Better Business Partnership, and a certified member of B Corporation - focusing on ethical, sustainable business practices.